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What is the Regulation Freedom Amendment?

The Regulation Freedom Amendment is a proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to require that major new federal regulations be approved by Congress.

Who supports the Regulation Freedom Amendment?

The Amendment  has been endorsed by a UNANIMOUS vote of the RNC, and by the National Federation of Republican Women, the American Farm Bureau, Sen. Ted Cruz,  Gov. John Kasich, 5 other Governors and more than 900 state legislators.

Conservative leaders including former VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, Federalist Society Co-Founder David McIntosh, and former White House Counsel Boyden Gray, also support the Amendment.

Is this effort about holding an Article V Convention?

NO. This is NOT about holding a Convention, but about mobilizing states to persuade Congress to propose the Amendment just as states helped persuade Congress to propose the Bill of Rights.   Both Opponents of an Article V Convention like VA Senator Dick Black and supporters like VA House GOP Caucus Chair Tim Hugo back this effort.

Why do we need an Amendment to the Constitution to curb federal regulators?

A law could be challenged in Court or repealed by the next liberal Democrat majority.

Since many politicians ignore the Constitution, why will a new Amendment help?

This Amendment restores checks and balances that have been eroded by the Courts.  By clearly giving Congress a veto on new federal regulations, we help undo that damage.

What are the advantages of fighting for the Amendment in 2016?

Ending “regulation without representation” could be a key issue in 2016.   Polls show that by a 2-1 margin voters favor the Amendment. Democrats fear to admit they have become the “undemocratic party” that empowers bureaucrats to dictate to the American people.