Get Support for a simple proposed 10th Amendment Rule in the U.S. House or a 10th Amendment Pledge in the U.S. Senate, that recognized and enforced the power of states to strictly limit the scope of a convention, and therefore made it possible for 2/3 of the states who agreed on the text of an Amendment to force Congress to propose it without a Convention, could be the litmus test that divides those who want to keep power in Washington, and those who want to give it back to the states and the people.
Possible 10th Amendment Rule Language

“It shall not be in order for the House of Representatives to consider a bill, joint resolution, amendment or conference report referring to the states for ratification under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, any Amendment to the U.S. Constitution proposed by a Convention called by Congress pursuant to Article V, that is not within the permitted scope of the Convention that is authorized by each Article V Application Resolution calling for the Convention that has been passed by a state whose Article V Resolution calling for a Convention was relied on by Congress to call the Convention.”